Friday, February 27, 2009

Wuuhuu GOLF~~

*sighs* I wonder where has my aim went.. I hate feeling this way.. I'm not looking forward to be there every morning.. stress out.. It's not easy.. =(

* * * * *

The first time I went to RBRC - 25/2/2008.. Last night went again.. to watch Ray and Dan play golf.. Last night was join by Jolin, Matt, Chu and Sy.. Sy seem to get addicted by golf already.. She hit once then hit hit hit and hit hit hit non-stop.. hehe..

Belong to Sir Rayburn

I never play golf before.. I have *ehem ehem* good teachers to teach me..!! Rayburn and his assistant Daniel.. hehe..

proof .. haha..

Sir Rayburn

and his assistant.. haha..

As per my teachers; I'm a fast learner, and the last ball I hit was the best.. haha.. I have problem swinging and hiting the ball..!! hehe..

ermmm... this is the only OK looking picture..

Nevermind, I need to practice more.. Thank God that I have patient teachers who don't scold me.. =D

show-off?? =D

* * * * *

I over ate for dinner last night.. >_<

First 'roti telur' with Jita.. Then Japanese food with Joan, Beng, Eve and her two Singaporean friends.. I think the Salmon Sashimi I ate haven't digest until now lo.. -____-

Eve friends share with us their life in Singapore.. By listening only, we can feel the big stress... hehe.. Then I think to myself, I need to appreciate my life in Brunei.. It's such a big difference comparing Brunei to the outside world.. I want to travel...!! hehe..

My Jita moving to Miri tomorrow.. sad sad.. Melvin better take good care of her.. hehe.. sad sad.. I have to go down Miri to visit her.. sad sad.. why Miri so far ah? eh.. Another place also far.. Far far some more.. -___-

Jita, all the best in your mini music school.. =)

* * * * *

It's been a week since the day my Qin tian wa wa flew.. Qin tian wa wa been very busy lo.. I hope he settle everything soon.. =(
-till yesterday it's a month *hugs*-


THE PRINCESS: bored at the moment said...

i know ure reading this. y didnt comment. HAHHAA

THE PRINCESS: lagging. jus realised they got together on 26/1/09 CNY said...

omg.. so u both got together on the 26 of jan 2009???

isnt that chinese new year????
how ruby proposed? haha

wat did we do during first day of cny? hmmmmmmmmmm

Ray said...

lmao you're lagging by a month there hahahaha!

Rueburn Liang said...

sy, if u forgot, thats the night i shoo everyone home from semporna HAHA

Patricia said...

haha.. SY I thought you knew it..!! =p

Ray said...

LOL princess is clumsy, slow and blur.