Thursday, February 19, 2009

How come I wait? haha.. =p

The atmosphere at the Gripps isn't that bad.. Maybe not much people here.. Usually it's quite noisy..

I was here in the afternoon for lunch.. Now here again.. to blog actually.. and I want to drink their hot milk tea.. hehe..

Another reason why I'm here.. Wait for my date la.. My date now hanging out with his friends who don't want to give me face.. haha.. *joking~~* I thought we can go over to McD for some fries before the movie.. -___-

Wait wait wait wait..

* * * * *

My work load has increase again.. *sighs* This few days in the office, you can hear me *sighs....* for like hundred of times.. Stress stress.. See boss face, stress some more.. *sighs* hehe.. I know boss is stress too.. He even try to joke abit with us.. *sighs*

Fel and Blu start going for yoga class.. The price offer by the teacher is quite reasonable.. I wonder if I should go for it too.. Might join with Angel if I confirm.. Well, have to decide properly.. hehe..

Don't know why but this few days I often feel dizzy.. Even now I suddenly feel it.. The other night was even worst.. I couldn't stand well.. *sighs* Maybe my blood pressure drop again.. -___-

Anyway.. got to go now.. The date has called.. Finally.. haha.. Goodnight~~ =)

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