Friday, February 06, 2009

Pink water bottle

On the way to work.. After months, I saw the car which I never thought I will see it again..
It use to hurt alot when I see it.. In fact I'm afraid to see it.. But today.. I have the courage to look at it.. It doesn't hurt anymore.. I have let go.. The word pity replace the hurt.. I took a deep breath and smile.. =)

* * * * *

My baby car has return..!! The person in charge of my car deliver him to my office yesterday after work.. I'm glad he is alright again.. Sighs.. It's sad ok when I remember how dirty it was during the flooding time.. =S The smell is different now.. The $$ flew.. -___- Anyway.. It's good to have my own car back..

* * * * *

Watched the movie - 'The Wedding Game .. Funny and romantic type, so it's a sweet movie.. but the story very simple.. Still it's recommended to watch.. =)

* * * * *

As I step out from the office.. My eyes search for that familiar car.. Then I hear a sound from behind me, someone 'psst psst'.. I turn and there he stands holding my pink water bottle.. Don't know why but looking at him standing there, at that moment I feel hmmm... happiness.. =)

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