Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A packet instead of a piece

After today, after tomorrow, Rue will fly off to Singapore..

The complain king asked me the other day if I will cry.. I'm a warm-blooded human ofcourse will cry la.. what question is that.. haha.. =p

Actually I'm scare.. Scare of Friday to come.. Not able to see him for don't-how-long is sad..

People expect me to take leave to see him at the Airport.. I can't lo.. I will cry..!! I really won't be able to take it..

You can just imagine.. Close friends fly off I cry and use one PIECE of tissue.. Rue fly off I will cry and use one PACKET of tissue ah.. hehe.. =p

I wanted to spend more time with him but his time is packed.. =(

Oh my god.. I don't know how to end this post.. hehe.. *take deep breath*
I know how to end already..

Goodbye.. haha.. =p

** My valentine post is coming soon.. and will appear below of this post when it's done.. I publish this post first to shut the complain king's mouth.. haha..=p **

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