Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long weekend at Miri

what a night.. what a night..

The first time I went around the balcony more than twice looking for my tipsy friends.. haha..

Laughs, tears, crazyness, dance, drink, ugly moments everything in a night.. FUN..!! =D

* * * * *

I drive down to Seria with Joan.. Meet Hao and Shirley, together off to Miri.. There was quite a long queue at the custom but it's ok, we weren't stuck for long.. At that moment Jennifer's impatient face appear in my head.. hehe..

Simz, Chu and Eve went down to Miri too.. We all reach the custom at the same time.. Lucky they manage to get a hotel room nearby the happening area.. "Easier for us to get back to the hotel if drunk"- accroding to the them.. =p

I was so hungry by the time we reach Jenn's house.. Quickly change and off we went to eat.. Finally our singing plan come true.. hehe.. We went to Rex Box to sing but then...... I don't think we will be going back there any time soon.. Few choice of songs only.. It wasn't like that before.. -____-

I miss you girls already..!! =) *the background is good* hehe..

After midnight, me and Joan lead S, C and E to the balcony first.. It's their first time to the Balcony and I was worry that they will feel bored.. then... who knows, the three of them with Joan were the most happening ones that night.. This people really know how to de-stress lo.. haha..!!

The most happening ones.. exclude ME.. hehe..

Eve the first to TOH.. Even our CCH-Hao who seldom KO, that night drink with Chu Chu and Simz, he himself almost KO.. Another KO one is our Shirley..!! Who the next morning have a wedding photo shoot.. >_< *clap clap* the first couple who I knew, after a bad KO session.. no problem for wedding photo shoot the next morning.. haha!!
My babe

Joan ends up being EMO again.. Simz super tipsy who keep on dancing.. Simz and Joan don't want to home..!! We even have to think of tricks and lies to get them home.. haha.. Sorry Jenn and Tze, didn't manage to spend more time with you two..

Dear Tze

Chu being the hero of the night- carry Eve out from the balcony into CCH friend's car.. But when we reach the hotel, we have to drag Eve out of the car and up to the room because Chu Chu ran out of energy.. haha.. what a night..!! Shirley like S, C and E alot lo.. Ask me when will the three be going to Miri again, she wants to de-stress with them again.. >_<
* * * * *

My next two days at Miri.. picturess...

By the way..*sighs* My old Malaysia number got terminate..!! After four months and I forgot to re-load it.. *sobs* I went to the Digi center trying out my luck whether I can get it back.. >_<>
Dim sum for Sunday morning

Me and Jenn look tired.. because we spend like more than 30 mins to push Joan to sleep in a proper position so we two can get some space to sleep.. >_<>

Sweet mango pudding

CCH.. so serious.. hehe..


Jenn: CCH you better pose properly later ah.. don't simply pose..
CCH: ya bah.. ya bah..

Gossip session at Secret Recipe for 2 hours..!!

Steamboat for dinner at Micheal, Miri

Had a short meet up session with Kevin =)

This is SNOW.. remind me of Siu mai.. hehe..

Snow and Bam Bam.. Don't worry Bam, I still like you then Snow.. hehe..

Breakfast on Monday morning

I like wanton

Busy choosing pictures for their precious wedding album

My fav pearl bubble milk tea before heading home <3 Great trip we had..


sheautze said...

IM great to see avone enjoy the nite......well, something wron with me actualy but... its over la.. :) cant wait for oct sista day liao...

Patricia said...

@sheautze: I hope you did enjoy.. Atleast enjoy seeing me and Joan kan? hehe.. whatever sad thing happen that night, I hope you are ok already.. cheer up tze, congrats on getting your T-2 back..!! hehe..