Sunday, March 01, 2009

My version of Project 365.. *wink*

I want to have picture of the day post too..!!

I have not blog-hop for a week plus.. Then yesterday afternoon I'm finally free, so I do abit of blog-hop around..

When I went to view Boss Stewie's blog for updates.. *ehem* Boss Stewie is one of the blogger who I want to meet after KennySia.. hehe.. because he is nice, funny and capable..!! *big admire eyes* =D

And so I discover he is on a project call Project 365 - take one picture of your day and post it.. My eyes goes wide open..!! That was something I told Rue to do in Singapore before he left Brunei..!! =D Boss Stewie's princess is also doing it in her blog.. *so nice* haha..

Ok.. I'm going to start doing it too.. starting from today.. hohoho.. Thanks Boss Stewie.. wth.. eh wait I also thought of this before le.. haha.. anyway.. So I'm going to start off with a picture of..................

MYSELF.....!!! haha..

This picture is taken the day this morning after a-not-enuf-sleep from PJ's night.. bad looking pic.. BUT nevermind..!! It's still me.. haha.. I think this is the first pic I post of me wearing spec.. hehe.. =D

By the way.. I'm at gripps now having mushroom soup.. nice..!! So I have to post this picture too..

And and and also..!! I need to post this picture,

because I had this for lunch at The Mall alone..!! After I settle my things and debts there.. haha.. How can I just post one picture?? lalalala.. =p


Sy said...

one pic everyday? hahaha
raymond will be very happy. HAHAHA

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

wahhh u make me miss banana chocolate creeeeeeeeeep

Ray said...

Crepe* i think =D

Hmm ... you sure me happy? or rue? hahaha

eh? no more Sy: THE PRINCESS oledi?

Patricia said...

@Sy: I cannot promise will have one pic everyday or not.. haha.. coz I will publish late.. so ray will still complain..!! haha..

@Tze: I have found new love: double Chezzy chocolate chip flavour..!! I love cheese~ =p

@Ray: no comment from Rue so I don't think he is happy.. haha..