Friday, April 10, 2009

blog's profile pic has been changed

It's Good Friday today.. why why why why it isn't a holiday here in Brunei..?? =S

I'm trying to change my blog's profile picture at the side bar.. so difficult.. hate this html code thingy.. hehe..

Well I have finally decide to change my picture which I had since I started this blog.. Just because someone say it's ugly.. "Dan, don't complain again..!!" I want to look ugly, my friends don't allow.. >_< I want to avoid stalker ok.. HAHA.. *thick face laugh* I have changed my song at the side bar too.. My current favourite song which I can repeat for the whole day..!! Jazz~~ hehe..

* * * * *

I'm trying to read my notes for meeting tomorrow.. Need to read at home again.. Making me stress.. I don't like to bring office work back home to do.. I prefer to work late in the office and once I step out from the place, I don't want to think about work anymore.. Going home is for our own and family time.. Luckily I'm just reading notes now.. If not EMO again.. hehe..

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