Thursday, April 23, 2009

It might be you

On Monday.. 20/4/2009..

Went to this Northern Thai Cuisine Restaurant known as Nur Wanita.. At first I thought it's a normal Malay restaurant.. hehe..

So I'm going to post pictures only.. hehe.. Anyway.. The food is alright.. The service is good.. I want to go back and try their noodles.. Look nice..

OMG.. I just realise I don't know the names of the food.. When I arrive at the restaurant the food has been ordered and all I have to do is eat.. =D AND THANKS SY!!

This picture is what I like the most about the restaurant.. They have this pole thing for us ladies to put our handbag.. NICE....!! hehe.. No la.. =p

* * * * *

Staying in tonight.. with my TV and Laptop.. Multi-tasking.. hehe.. and I found a good song.. Meaningful lyrics.. It might be you.. <3


- j o a n - said...

yerrr...looks nice...when will u bring me go eattttt?? T___T

Patricia said...

@Joan: look nice le.. hehe.. call me anytime babe.. I will bring you there.. we get our salary first ok.. hehe.. =p