Monday, April 13, 2009

cold cold day

I woke up this morning with a pain on my right knee.. I don't know how or where the pain came from.. But I know I had a dream.. Another scary dream..

I dreamt about a friend who at one minute was talking to me, another minute he was killed.. =S and I just keep on crying and crying.. In my dream, I called up ah How.. Told him what happened and continue on crying..

Sighs.. Scary~~ I dislike dreaming about people dying.. I don't know what sort of sign it's about.. Just hope that he is well and fine..

* * * * *

Currently at Kim's place.. Using his boardband modem to online.. Not bad this boardband thing.. small and easy..

Kim, Siew, Jade and Kat are busy with MJ-ness.. While me and Eve are busy with our laptop-ness.. =p

It's been raining since afternoon and I think it has stopped by now.. It better stop, I don't want to worry about the floods.. =S

The house thingy is getting troublesome.. I hope things settle soon.. Baka people.. -___-


Rueburn Liang said...

oooo mahjong~~ hand itchy liau

Cl3m3nCe said...

ah how? transformer? anyway dont worry my dear i used to dream ppl die but they said they'll be no bad luck for the ppl who been dreamt died but instead the one who dream is not that good so take care k!

Patricia said...

@Rueburn: no one play with you there huh? play the computer games one loh.. hehe.. =p

@Clemence: no gal.. not transformer..It's my fren from Miri.. Yeah.. I hope nothing bad happen to me.. *pray pray* thanks gal.. =)