Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures from sport and my Labuan trip

Random Pictures..

We play badminton seriously

We take picture seriously =p

We play volleyball seriously until the ball ends up there..

So serious until the staff at Harun gym has to climb all the way up to get the ball down.. *hint hint.. blame the three guys above* =p

* * * * *

Pictures - The Labuan Trip

I was surprise to see the new ferry terminal.. The last time I went to labuan was 4 years ago, and I remember the old ferry terminal was dark and hot.. This is good.. hehe..

Our ride to fun

The bright sunny day and waves

What I do in the boat.. Bought it during my trip to Kuala Lumpur..

Strap for my phone.. cute isn't it??? =p

Labuan terminal

The evening view from our apartment

Dark already when we reach our apartment..

Our dinner.. HOT.. =S

The happy and fun place.. POPIN

The band.. When it's still early..


The crowds from Brunei make the place happening.. hehe..

Back to the apartment at 2am

The next morning.. Good view..!! =)

And we say goodbye happily.. =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

how come i didnt realise u got take photos?? hahahaha....

ehhh what blame the 3 guys.. LOL

Patricia said...

@Daniel: the photos nice le.. =p