Friday, April 03, 2009

Genting's clouds...... =D

Hello people who miss me.. haha....!!

I just reached Kuala Lumpur from Genting.. wth.. the weather is so much different.. It's so hot here yet cold at Genting.. I want to stay at Genting liao.. hehe..

I forget when was my last trip to Genting.. Five years ago I think? hmmm... Nothing changed much.. Familiar shops are still around.. This trip there had a few first experience..

1) The Snow World
2) First world hotel
Dreamz - magic show
4) The Casino.........
5) Fish Spa

And finally I touched the clouds...!!!! I think it's the clouds.. MUST BE CLOUDS.. yes 100% sure it's clouds.. haha.. so happy.. don't spoil my cloud nine feeling people.. it's really clouds.. =p

Anyway.. Bought my favourite thing at Genting.. SHOES.....!!! I'm going to buy more shoes because it's been months I have not purchase any.. hehe.. sighs.. so hot here.. Blog again when I'm free.. Need to rest now.. Chris will be here soon to pick us up.. And to JENNIFER...... WE MISS YOU LO.. =p Take care everyone..!! *off to hunt for more shoes* lalalala~~~


Anonymous said...

SHOES???!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! u better not let me see ANY of them when u guys get back!! not even one!!!!!!
I wanna shop tooo!!!!!!!!!!
ASk tat CCH stop 3G-ing me liao bah, make me bo xim nia leh see u guys so enjoy.. haha..

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

har? go genting hia u guys...i tot kl shoping
hehe.... here super hot la