Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is Me


Happy Birthday my dear Shirley..!! It's your birthday today and I hope you like the pinky Pajamas pant.. hehe.. =) Enjoy your wedding shoot at Disneyland with CCH..!! =p


Happy Birthday babe Joan..!! Happy Birthday Fadz..!! Happy Birthday Jeffrey..!!

hehe.. it's April and more birthdays coming up.. and I don't remember alot of them.. =S hmm... wonder who's the next one.. =p

* * * * *

I looked at my desk calender.. *sighs* the days seem to flies but counting at it, it's still the month of April.. I thought it's May already.. hehe..

I have alot in mind which I wanted to blog about.. but as my fingers touch my keyboard.. I'm stuck.. I don't know what and how to blog.. =S

* * * * *

I don't know why I'm such an easy satisfy person.. Is it wrong to be this way?

I'm a simple person.. there isn't much to change about.. I'm just the way I am..

I don't find myself secretive.. Why do people say I'm secretive?

I admit I do keep things to myself.. but I will only say it to the people I trust..

I'm not a straight forward person because I care and think about other people's feeling not wanting to hurt them..

I know I'm wrong to think of others first instead of myself.. because at the end it's always me getting hurt..

There are different kind of people - lots of different attitude.. I'm categorizes as the soft type.. the kind type.. Well this is Patricia.. Love me for the way I am.. =)

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