Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IMPORTANT: For this post ONLY.. =p

I had too much for dinner tonight.. super full..!! =D

I ask Ping Sing to accompany me for dinner, since she is so free.. hehe.. We went to the Arch and it was her first time there.. First time..!!! hehe.. =p

I was very stress out at work today.. Everyone in the office were moody.. Especially the boss.. Pressure was shoot at very one.. *sighs* Never ending work.. =(

BUT now I'm feeling happy because one of my friend just said I look like a Korean lady..

AND....!! I just remember that the other day the Complain King aka *ehem* The Handsome One *ehem* FOR THIS POST ONLY OK, praise my MSN picture look pretty.. HAHAHA..

He seldom praise people one lo.. So I totally believe him this time.. haha.. Well other than him, Chris, Wei Ru, Tze, Chien, Siew and so on~~~ also said pretty.. =p OKKK.. I'm not going to change my MSN picture from now on.. lalalala.. NO la..!! Ofcourse I will still change.. I have hundred or is it thousand?? of my vain pictures to change ok.. hohoho.. =p

Goodnight all.. =D


s said...

Correction: I wasn't free..... after May the 16th, i will be damn damn freee :) so many places i wanna go.. so many things i wanna do, i wanna buy $$$$.. I can sell you time.. hahaha then you will seee the hot PS more. waWahahahahha. WTF!

Patricia said...

@PS: But you were free for me mah.. haha.. I don't want to buy your time.. and yes.. I want to see the hot PS more.. Enjoy your holidayssss...!!! =D