Sunday, April 19, 2009

Labuan is HOT

Back from Labuan..

Labuan is freaking hot hot.......!!!!! So hot that I end up spending all my money on buying lots of ice-cream to eat.. T_T

Hehe.. Not all my money la.. I wasted some on buying a new bedsheet.. not any ordinary looking bedsheet ok.. Super cute ones.. BUT Jenn guess what..!! It's not in PINK....!!!! haha..

I don't even know why I'm buying it since I don't have a bed at the moment.. It's just cheap.. very very cheap.. and I think I should get that bed I saw another day... huuuuuu~~~ $$$$.... T_T

I know.. I'm so unique that I bought bedsheets at Labuan and not their most popular cheap cheap alcohol and chocolate.. T_T

Oh well.. We had a good trip.. Last night was hmm... crazy?? We dance and scream as if we were the only people at the club.. One of my colleague even share the limelight singing on stage with the band performing there.. We all dance until our feet couldn't support and went to hunt for massage center today..

The band last night were great.. They sang great songs and the DJ spins great music.. One of the DJ is super cool...!!! =) And I found out that other than me liking to look at guys who play the piano and guitar.. I think guys who play drums are super cool..!!!! =D

We stay at a service apartment which is nice.. The view is terrific.. I share a bed with Blu and for the first time.. I kick and move around alot.. =p

Okok.. I better stop now.. I haven't stop sneezing since I wake up today.. Terrible nose I have.. and I'm still feeling hot.. I better sit under the air-con and rest.. shall post pictures when I'm not lazy.. lalala... =p

* * * * *

By the way the reason is solve~~ Thank God that it wasn't crap and lies.. =) *I hope so*


Anonymous said...

wtf??!! BEDSHEET????????????

and i already warned u bout the "hot-ness" in labuan just when u were packing liao ooo.. haha..

Patricia said...

@Jenn: I can't help it babe.. too cheap wah.. haha!! yea.. Now I believe the "hot-ness".. >_<