Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday.. 24-4-2009

I'm awake.. It's 5.45am.. Morning people..

Seeing my laptop still switch on, I fell asleep while online again..

I check out the calender again.. and it's still the month of April..!! Why is it still the month of April when I feel like weeks and weeks has gone by.. oh well.. One week to go..

* * * * *

I like this song.. I like the guy singer too.. Khalil Fong.. His songs and voice is good.. and his songs are about love..

* * * * *

When a guy like a girl.. Things a guy will do in order to win the girl's heart.. Sweet..

When a guy breaks up with a girl.. Things a guy will do and said to leave.. Cruel..

The before and after is really scary.. This is guy going after a girl.. Girl going after a guy is also the same.. complicated..

* * * * *

Volleyball is quite a nice game.. Well, I don't really like it but still acceptable.. You need alot of strength to hit the ball.. Which I'm not good at.. My right wrist and arm are still in pain.. huuuu.... it's such a painful game.. hehe..

* * * * *

Whenever I found out.. I don't know how am I going to face it.. One part of me, wish that to aviod.. Another part, wish to face it.. I don't know how far or how strong my heart can take it.. sighs..

* * * * *

I found out 'la-mi' / 'rummy' is fun.....!! And it's easy.. ahh... EH.. wait the counting part is not easy.. T_T

Back in college, Nicholas taught me once but I couldn't really absord that time.. But now I have three expert to teach me.. should I be happy?? This three are teaching me how to gamble.. -____- oh.. nevermind.. I'm happy~~ haha.. =D

One of the expert

No.. this cute dog is not one of the expert la.. His owner is.. cute dog look familiar right?? hehe..
oppsss... I dont have the third expert pic to post.. hehe..

* * * * *

Got to get ready for work now.. suddenly feel so lazy.. *wink* =p

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