Thursday, April 02, 2009

you be the prince and I be the princess

Been doing the daily picture post for a month now.. and I have decide to give up.. haha.. I'm getting lazy.. hehe.. I prefer to type more when I'm free.. No.. this is not a joke.. I'm serious.. hehe.. I will still post pictures when I want to ofcourse.. =p

* * * * *

Currently blogging from Jenn's home.. It's 3.07am and she is fast asleep already, unlike me still typing softly here so that I won't wake her up.. -____-

I left office with a heavy heart just now.. I'm suppose to be happy leaving the office for a holiday, instead I feel worry about my work.. I'm such a responsible person..!! haha..

EHEM anyway.. I sort out my work for Blu to follow up and left office around 7+ pm.. Quickly went home to take my luggage and the remaining stuff which I almost forget to bring.. My facial cleanser.. -____- haha..

Left home before 8pm for Miri.. Drove as fast as my baby can go.. Sing along loudly to the song Love Story by Taylor Swift.. No choice have to keep myself awake.. It's been months since my last drive to Miri.. so tiring.. I only have my little puppy (fake ok) with me.. haha..

"you be the prince and I'll be the princess, it's a love story" - the song goes.. I miss being called a princess.. I miss alot of things.. Definitely won't be missing my work..

I just want to have a good holiday.. A holiday full with PICTURES...!! Oh my..!! I forgot to charge my camera's battery.. *off to find charger*

Ahhh.. done.. both my camera's battery and phone are charging now..

Ok.. I should be sleeping now.. late...!!! ME will be flying off today..!!! *big wet eyes* I still can't believe~~ JENN..!! you are not going with us.. tell me.. how can the band trip be complete without you.. who will argue with CCH.. tell me.. hehe..

Before I end my post..

To my gossip friends,

NO..!! I'm not going with Steven.. Not going to taste and bring new noodles to Brunei.. 100% not honeymoon.. =S

Alright.. BYE.. *don't miss me ok* HAHA..!! =D


Anonymous said...

OMG.. till 3am also haven sleep ah? no wonder u have a hard time waking up this morning.. hehe..

I promise with my skull I'll make it for our next trip! kanasai.. u ppl enjoy there and I am stuck at work here.. sien...

Rueburn Liang said...

LOL!! ppl usually rest the day before flying but you rush everything =D

PS said...

OMG.. no wonder you were still awake and online on msn when i logged in.. HAHAHAHHA... now i know who u went with, i asked dan.. he said he dunno and that he didn't ask you the details.. but otherwise. Anyway......... see you when you come back.. :P

Anonymous said...

who is the prince? who is the princess?

Patricia said...

@Jenn: Yea.. really had a hard time to get out from bed.. haha.. And how can we siok without you?? We miss hearing your loud voice le..haha..
@Rueburn: =S I'm different bah.. Unique as always.. haha..
@PS: babe ofcoz not Steven la.. see you soon.. =)
@Chu: who else?? you and me la.. wth.. no la.. you and my sister.. haha..