Sunday, April 12, 2009

Follow your heart =)

Currently.. Live blogging from Dan's place.. Here: me, dan, chien, joan, ray, kel, zhe mei and eve.. chu, sy, denise and siew have left..

At the end only me, eve, ray and dan talking.. joan and chien is in dreamland by now.. kel and zhe mei left already..

Ray is half dead now.. Looking so funny and weird..!! haha.. The three of us are still sober.. Me for sure sober.. One bottle of Calsberg the whole night.. hehe.. And I just realise Calsberg taste way better than Tiger.. =p Well guys, I'm not a good drinker, but I'm a good listener.. BUT please don't ask me for advice because I'm not good at it.. haha...!! BUT..!! when I need advice please give me la.. =D

* * * * *

For my friends, cheer up..!! =)

If only love were simple and not complicated.. We wish.. but God made it complicated for us to face the challenge, to grow up, to understand more, it can be happy and it can be hurtful..

We learn from past experience and not just drag on thinking about the past.. It's up to each of us to step forward and take the risk.. I have been reminding myself too, not to stay and think about the past all the time..

Sometime I do feel losing hope in love.. I will only think that way when I'm being emo.. hehe.. It's not wrong to think la.. We should know our limit not to think overboard.. =)

It's funny that we can advice people about love but when we face it ourselves, we can't handle it.. Like everyone always advice us - 'Listen to your heart, follow your heart' =D

Tonight I heard of this saying.. : 'you know you are happy with the one you love/like, when we say whatever we want to say, we turn to them when we are down, giving each other hug for no reason, staying quiet without talking it's alright..'

I add on~~ 'having long walk hand in hand without talking feels alright too'.. hehe.. Hearing this I suddenly thought of someone, someone who use to make me feel this way.. and honestly I still miss this someone.. Missing in a good way, not the emo way.. =p

* * * * *

Whenever this song is sang during Karaoke session, I always remember the feeling I felt before.. Eventhough it's like two years ago, the song still make me think about it.. hehe.. I'm glad that I set myself free.. I don't have to feel invisible anymore.. I never want it to happen again.. =)


exclusivelydaniel said...

oiii.. still uglyyyy.....

u use my line got pay me royalties or not huh.. =p

Patricia said...

@Daniel: haha..!! you remember you said those huh.. I thought you won't remember.. and I did not use your line.. you were sharing it with us.. I'm just sharing it with the rest of world.. =p

exclusivelydaniel said...

lol.. sharing with the rest of the world huh? i thought you dun wan stalkers huh.. LOL!!!

i said alot more than that but yeah.. of coz i remember what i said la u think i KO meh

Anonymous said...

patricia u never drink one. and u say u drink. hmmm.....

i like this post. very deep hehe

princess said...

pat, y u so complicated. very hard to understand u le. hahaha

Patricia said...

@Daniel: =p

@Is this chu chu??: I don't drink much la.. one bottle enough oledi ok.. haha.. thanks for liking this post, it's not me being emo.. It's you all.. haha.. =p

@Princess Sim: I can't help it.. I like being complicated.. haha.. =p