Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favourite bracelet lost and gone T_T

Dodo, I have lost the white-gold bracelet you gave me for my 22nd birthday.. =(

I never took it off but because we were playing volleyball tonight so I took it off.. I'm so sure I put it in my pocket because I put it together with my pink crystal bracelet..

I only realise it's gone after we left the gym at the dark jetty.. My pink crystal bracelet is still here.. and I wish it was the pink bracelet gone instead..

All I can think of is;

If I didn't play volleyball then I won't lost it..
If I insist I don't want play then I won't lost it..
If I didn't go to the gym then I won't lost it..
If If If If If If If..... goes on...

and I stop with the IF thinking..

I calm myself down and re-think.. What's the use thinking about IF this and that.. It's gone and thinking about it won't bring it back.. T_T

One part of me is angry with myself for being clumsy.. One part of me feel really sad that it's gone because it's something sentimental-value for me.. Eventhough the bracelet look simple, simple doesn't matter because it meant alot to me and I love it alot.. Now looking down at my wrist.. It's empty.. So sad..

I guess the bracelet is fated to be gone.. gone, gone, gone....... T_T

Lost and Gone T_T
* * * * *

Sorry guys for making you all worry when I disappear to look for the bracelet at the dark car park without telling..

Sorry I hope I didn't scare you all when I cry suddenly.. T_T

Chien, Ray and Dan.. Thanks for helping me search for it..

Thanks for trying to cheer me up, the way Ray get 'suan' talk-attack by Joan really helps..

But the best thing was when I receive SMSes from each of you just now, I smile and Thank God for blessing me with lovable friends..



- j o a n - said...

pat pat... Im sorry tat u lost ur bracelet. As i also ever lost a pendant that Leong gave me and tats the most valuable thing. But glad that its lost cz im no longer hanging there looking at the pendant... Ex is always gonna be ex..only memories are to be kept... So pat... smile k~~ miss u!!

Patricia said...

@Joan: you have finally update your blog!!! haha.. you and shirley's blog always in-active.. By the way I'm okok now.. thanks babe.. you also cheer up together?? =D miss ya~~

exclusivelydaniel said...

haha yeah i agree what joan said.. oh well.. pat cheer up.. hope u feeling much better now...

ey ey.. why no one miss me one?? so sad...

Anonymous said...

wow now joan also got blog. hehehe
suddenly so many people blog. many info lol...

sorry i over slept that night. i slept form 6 to 6 that night. so siok. hahaha next time i will join. but please someone give me a reminder call lol.

btw pat too much blog to read haha why u suddenly updae so many cannot catch up.

Patricia said...

@Dan: Thanks again.. I'm fine already.. hehe..

@Chu chu: I think you better start blogging too.. hehe.. we won't forgive you for overslept lo.. haha..
And I think you need to stop hanging out with the complain king for awhile.. When I update more you complain too much cannot catch up.. I feel like kicking you.. haha.. =p

Anonymous said...

dan i am worse lor. noone notice me missing from the volleyball game. sigh.