Friday, May 01, 2009

My one year anniversary at blah blah company

Good Morning...!!!

Today 1/5/2009 is my one year anniversary at blah blah company.. One year.. *big wet eyes* I need to buy things to reward myself.. hehe.. I have overcome one year of tired and hard work.. *wink wink* =p

AND it's FINALLY the month of MAY.. so happy.. I wish things will improve lo.. April isn't my good month.. Hectic month..

Today will also be my first training on sales visit with the company's existing customers.. Purpose is to introduce them the PATRICIA who is so capable at handling their shipment.. hohoho.. ~*I wonder why my face so thick... =p*~ I'm kinda excited about it actually instead of feeling nervous.. hehe.. Well, a new job scope added on.. Hopefully I won't complain too much about my stress.. =p

I wish things will go smooth and well.. =)

* * * * *

Last night I didn't join badminton.. Tummy cramp.. Instead of heading home I went to the saloon to de-stress.. =D

After a good hair wash, I went to The Mall happily.. Went there to settle some debts actually.. Then wander around there abit.. It's been almost a month that I have not step foot into The Mall.. and the feeling is just HAPPY.. =p

Siew quickly came over to join me when she found out I'm at the Mall.. We went to Charles & Keith and I watch as she model infront of me with sexy looking heels.. And she purchase 3 pairs..!!! woosshhh.. this women.. hehe..

Looking at all the new arrivals of shoes is tempting.. but I must control.. hehe..

Don't we just love huge mirror?? =p

Siew trying out shoesssss

shoes, shoes and more shoes

So nice.. I love the black one.. but so expensive..!!

Ahhhh.... the heels are terrific..!!! =p

Happy little me after the saloon =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

happy 1 year anniversary at bt forwarding.. ooops.. i just had to say the company name out.. haahhhah

pat!!!! my shipment delayyyyyyyyyyyyy... why sooo slowwwwwwwww

Ray said...

Tristar dude .. tristar

sorry pat i just had to do that HAHAHAHA

Patricia said...

@Daniel: leak out the company name..!! youuuu..... haha.. and I'm not dealing any shipment for you le.. wrong person dan..!! haha..!! =p

Patricia said...

@Ray: Tristar your head ray.. switch switch..!!! haha!!!

exclusivelydaniel said...

hahahha.. i think so too dude.but i had bad experience with tristar.. maybe i will use btc or IPS.. LOL

Rueburn Liang said...

aiya, its TNT, and what does it stand for? LOL

Patricia said...

@Daniel: wat?? use BTC or IPS.. T_T ours ok wah.. hahaha...

@Rueburn: walau Rue..!!! Don't simply say oh.. haha..!! TNT = Thomas Nationwide Transport ok.. haha..