Saturday, March 07, 2009

BBQ - Burger Night

The man who cant be moved -

Spend the afternoon at Dunes..

When I reach Dunes,Ray and Kel is there.. but Ray left after awhile because he has meeting to attend..

Then Daniel comes.. Then after a drink he left to settle his things..

Then Ping Sing and Chien came over for tea..

Then Daniel returns..

Then Ray returns..

First Kel

Turns to Chien.. what a magic.. haha..

Haha.. The whole afternoon.. Me and Kel has silent lim teh doing our own thing and having the people mention above say Bye and Hi again to us.. -___-

7/3/2009 - Webcam

Ping sing my typing assistance.. haha..

Tonight we plan a BBQ session at Daniel's.. I have been ask to MUST organiser this BBQ.. Thanks to Ray and Dan for knowing what to buy.. Thanks to Dan for his house.. If you ask me to buy, big mistake.. haha.. I will buy some stuffs but not an expert like them.. =)

At the meat counter..

So now I know abit.. hehe..

Did we finish everything?

Burger with the sos made by Ray..

Chien's first try - making creme caramel

The happy Chien..
Not bad.. She success.. eventhough it's packing type.. =p *clap clap*

The first time, Me at this BBQ corner for more than 15mins.. haha..

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