Friday, March 27, 2009

My favourite car list has been updated

So fulllllllllllllll.......... Current feeling: SUPER FULL........

Jun and Winnie called me up for dinner at Excapade, it's Jun's Birthday today~~ Once I sat down at the table, this couple starts nagging at me.. -_____- They nag that if it wasn't an important day today, it's so difficult to find me.. -____-!!!

27/3/09- I gave him a cake.. Jun's birthday cake from Le Apple..

After dinner, off for tea.. Was suppose to meet up with Eve but cancel.. so went to De' fountain and found Complain King Ray looking lonely in his Emo kid t-shirt.. HAHA.. Anyway.. Daniel and Ping Sing came, we switch to Vintage Rose for food..

The cute heart shape cookie at Vintage Rose.. Feeling the love.. hehe..

Daniel drives us around in his super comfy car.. so comfy that I feel like sleeping in it.. so comfy that by sitting in it, I just keep smiling.. so comfy that's gonna be on my list of favourite cars, moody also can turn happy.. so comfy that I don't want to get down from the car.. SUPER NICE CAR.....!!!!!!!! The sound system is good.. The chairs are super comfy.. Everything inside is NICE..!! hehe..

I bet SY won't like because it's a Nissan.. =p



exclusivelydaniel said...

that is not my car.. u downgrade my car... hahahaha

Patricia said...

@exclusivelydaniel: I know the pic is not your car la.. you wait when I have the chance to see you car again I will take a picture of it.. that nite no time to take.. haha.. so I use something to show first.. =p