Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lalala.. I'm save,,

What a friend I have.. This complain King- Ray say goodbye to me at my post below.. HA..!! I'm save ok.. Unharm..!! hohoho..!!

It's not really a big problem la.. Just that I forgot to key in the amount quoted into the system.. It's done now.. Thank God that boss didn't kill me.. I was so worry ok.. lalala... I'm happy again.. =D

By the way currently blogging from FUNBREAD..

Finally we try a new place for tea and not De' fountain.. hehe.. It's not a new place for me, I do come here often.. I wonder if there is any nice malay restaurant which we can try.. haha..

24/3/09 - Picture of the day
This picture is dark, but look closely.. Chu and Ray are the couple tonight..
Same polo shirt, same colour..!! haha.. but who look better?? To avoid getting kill, I shall not answer.. haha.. =p


Ray said...

Of coz me lah, alamak so obvious la. Chuchu a close second place. The tanned one always win.


OMG. how can i miss that? the two pink polo shirt guy at GADONG.

Pat thanks for updating ur blog so frequently now. i need that to keep in touch, otherwise feel so left out. HAHA. omg now i sound like siew yi liao.

n also pls write more on gossip. like who is the 4 guys aftering joan, 3 guys aftering su mei n 2 guys aftering wen chien. IM DESPERATE TO KNOW. hahahha

Ray said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wanna know who?

Patricia said...

@Princess Sim: Please interview Ray for more info.. haha..