Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guys.. ends now won't hurt.. well untrue because it does hurts abit.. but guess what only today my tears appear.. and no I did not cry when the plane left until today..

At first I thought not crying might be a good sign.. A sign that it might work out.. but then he gave up.. Well, depend on our fate then..

Dearest all, please shower me with more love.. wth.. hehe.. I still need all of you.. =)


Anonymous said... pato liao?
din tell me le...
nicole chong here

Patricia said...

@Nicole: NICOLE CHONG...!! Where were you when I needed you?? hehe.. Talk more when we meet ok.. better arrange your busy time for me.. miss ya..

sheautze said...

walao ...nichole chong...this morning called me appear in pat's blog ...hahah~ we should arrange another LIMBANG~~