Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dilly Bar

So tired..........................................

Yesterday lazy Saturday.. Today busy Sunday..

I fall alseep while chatting with yuong wee around 3am.. Luckyily I manage to get out of bed for Chruch with Joan this morning..

Then head to Excapade Kiulap for lunch with Joan and Kath, Jolin and Matt were there already.. Ray and Beng were late.. haha..

Anyway.. Lucky for Jolin, Matt and Ray who left early.. Because Wen Yi came after they left.. Our table were the loudest in the small restaurant.. People there keep turning their head to look at us.. We laugh so loud that I think the Excapade staffs wants to throw us out.. haha..

Then the noisy us left the restaurant for Mall before the people in the restaurant get drown by our voice and laughter.. hehe..

Finally..!! Opening soon....!!

Accompany Wen Yi to do her things.. Then while waiting for Beng to finish his work, we girls found oursleves standing outside of the diamond & platinum shop..

After the Mall, Joan and I went for Tea with Steven.. While the other three went off to discuss about Joan's B-day mission..

Then went for golf.. Then tea again with Ping Sing, Chien and Chu.. Suppose to have a short tea, but we ends up talking so much that it's 11pm already.. According to P.Sing, tonight was the first time she hear me talk so much.. -_____-

So right now my eyes are very heavy.. Goodnight..

22/3/09 - I discover something call Dilly Bar.. So nice!!

It's Ice cream from DQ..

I laugh so much today.. =)

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