Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lazy night in our PJ's

19/3/09 - I wonder if I will be heading back here.. A year has gone by and I'm so use to this place.. Beautician hop away and I might follow.. so let's hope the new place is as good as here.. =p

* * * * *

Pajamas Night was like 2 weeks ago and finally I have the time to upload some pictures which aren't post on FB.. hehe.. A very lazy lazy lazy night of eating, drinking and cameras..

The babes who are now a part of my life.. chien and P.sing is missing..!! haha... And I adore all of them.. The smiles, advice, gossips, hugs, fun and support.. =D

and we are vain.....!!!! haha.. =p

My cute little pillow..From a person who know I love pillows and allow me to steal it from his car.. hehe..

We play good music.. =p

upside down..!! haha.. I didn't realise..

Mixed by Dan

Oi.. why both of you has the same pattern of pants ahhhhh???? hahaha..

Enjoying the view outside.. wth.. actually they were up to something.. haha.. *hint hint* someone wants to have a puking spot..

what can I say??? We look GOOD..!! hahaha... we pose so hard to get the effect we wants.. slim look..?? hehe.. I like this picture.. =D

To end my post.. with SY's face.. trying to spoil our picture.. haha.. =)


Ray said...

Princess Sim always got the best posing pics eh? lmao

Princess Sim said...

omg!! pat im goin to kill u for posting tat pic. HAHAHA

n also mr sting ray oso wear checkered pants lo.

ray: im not goin to drink anymore. will behave myself in all parties n act elegant. HAHAHHAHA

Patricia said...

@Princess Sim: princess don't kill each other le.. HAHA.. and this lovely pic of yours is post on my lovely blog.. better than me posting in on FB for the whole network to see lo.. haha..

And no.. you and chu's are similar.. complain king one is not this pattern..

Anonymous said...

the last photo.
it looks like the camera is focused on sy face. it looks more like pat and siew is spoiling the photo lol.

Patricia said...

@Anonymous: haha.. whatever makes you happy.. =p