Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smiling in the stars-light

21/3/09 - Green tea ice cream with peanuts.. I love it..!!

Had a very lazy Saturday~~ Online at home this afternoon.. Dinner at Misato.. Tea session at De'fountain..

Just reach home after sending Chien home.. I was chatting happily with Chien just now that I forgot I was suppose to send her home.. Ends up we took a long way back to her house.. opppsss~~ hehe..

After saying goodbye to Chien, I don't feel like going home yet.. Don't feel like sleeping too.. Wanted to look for Kok How to talk but he has friends over at his house.. Don't feel like seeing other people so at the end.. Head back home.. =p

On my way back home I did something silly..

The lampost isn't working at this one part of the road.. I wonder if there's any stars tonight.. so I look up..

I was greet by a black sky full of stars....!! The sky was cloudless, just stars.. I smile, surprise by what I see.. hehe.. I stop my car right on the spot and switch off my car's light, total darkness and enjoy my stars gazing.. so pretty.. =D

Thinking so much won't help.. To be happy is much important now.. After the cards thingy and good long talks it's so much clearer now.. =)

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