Friday, March 06, 2009

When is the next one.. =)

6/3/2009- From left..
1) Took before graduate
2) and 4) Took after graduate
3) Took on my 18th Birthday

I found this inside my old wallet.. I love taking pictures with this kind of machine..
I don't think they still call it as neoprint..
All of it is taken in Miri..
Took it with Jennifer, Tze, Shirley, Nee Kam, Alice, Lieh and Chris..
I adore the last one on the right..
*Me: quick act cute pose..!!*

*The three of them: WTH..!! HOW??*
haha.. Ask how but still got pose.. =D

I transfer all of it to here.. =)

View a few house for rent today.. not happy.. not one suits.. don't have..


Anonymous said...

House for rent babe?? u're thinking on moving somewhere??

Patricia said...

@Jenn: Yup, planning to move.. My whole family ok.. Hmm.. What were you thinking?? TERUK.. haha..
If you plans to move up to Brunei and leave your Leon up in Miri, please inform me in advance so I can look for a bigger house with a room reserve for you.. hehe.. =p *hope leon don't see this* haha..

Ray said...

Hmm... no need to leave room for rue? wait .. i think its my family who needs to find a bigger house for rue .. or just renovate his room .. hmm .. payah leh ...

sheautze said...

wu~~ yes yes!! renovate Rue room liao...get ready

Anonymous said...

hmm.. it's ok la babe, Rueburn can sleep in the living room once in a while if I go up to Brunei ma.. don worry, I won't stay too long de.. hahahaha..

Habis liao Rueburn.. his room gonna turn to PINK!

Ray said...

Doesnt matter if its pink or not, since rue cant tell the difference anyway =D

Patricia said...

@Jenn, Ray & Tze: You three so free ah..?? haha..