Friday, March 20, 2009

I still remember abit of Jawi

20/3/09 - Had lunch at this area.. Kolo mee here is quite good.. The last time I came here was during Primary 6?? hehe.. but did came here on Monday with Chu and Ray.. so today is the second time..

Today I park my car outside.. As I walk towards the shop.. I look up.. stop.. omg I just realise this was the building I went for Jawi tuition back in Primary 4 and 5..!! haha.. And back then I kinda like Jawi lesson.. super cool when we know how to read Jawi ok.. hehe..

* * * * *

The chinese programme on radio today introduce some local singer's song.. It was recorded during a mini concert.. My face went -_______- when the guy starts to sing.. The slow song is alright.. just that he doesn't sing with enough feelings..

Then I thought to myself.. hmmm I can sing better than him lorrrr because..... *heads up* I'm still in a bit of emo situation.. and 100% confirm I will sing with feelings..!! wth.. haha.. An advantage of feeling emo.. haha.. =p lalala~~~


Ray said...

eh apalah u! i was there for jawi tuition too ... how come i dont remember you one

Rueburn Liang said...

ray, cause we went there at primary 3?

Patricia said...

@Ray: apa la.. I don't remember seeing you there ok.. haha..

@Rueburn: 100% confirm it's Primary 4 not 3.. =p