Saturday, March 14, 2009


So Beautiful - Darren Hayes

Rain pouring down.. Heavy heavy rain.. *sighs*

My mind wanders far far away away.. It's not good, I know.. *sighs*.. I must stop *sighs*.. hehe..

Boss gave us an assignment.. Some parts involve calculations.. -_____- I hate maths..!! haha.. I'm really terrible with calculations.. Even super simple one lo.. -____-

14/3/2009 - headache headache..!!

Back in primary school my result for maths always appear in red colour.. hehe.. Hard assignment I need to seek help.. Thanks to Kel and Ray for helping this afternoon.. =p

Still not feeling well.. stress maybe.. maybe maybe.. then look at my hair.. *sighs* I need a haircut.. ah.. An excuse to head to the salon.. So after calculation I went to the salon.. chop off the sad feelings.. =)

I just want to smile.. *sighs*

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