Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ugly look tonight

Tonight is NERD night.. -______- what a theme.. Ugly.. haha.. Joan is having her advance birthday party tonight.. and I still don't know what to wear.. Chu chu send me some sample pictures of nerd look.. so ugly.. Omg.. I can just imagine how everyone look like now.. super ugly..!! haha.. =p

* * * * *

This part is dedicated to SY..

Dearest Princess SIM,

I don't have much gossip so I can't blog about gossip.. Ray and Ping Sing has the most gossip.. I think it's better if you ask them to start a Gossip Blog.. wth.. haha..

Anyway, you really been missing out alot of things lo.. When are you going to appear?? You know we miss you, I don't know the others.. But 100% confirm that your wife, Chien miss you.. your scandal, Joan and Ping Sing miss you.. your best Ji Mui aka gossip reporter, Chu Chu miss you.. your princess sister, ME miss you.. HAHA.. okok.. no la.. 100% The group miss you.. =p lalala...

I hope you are appearing tonight..!! Unlike Siew not going to appear.. But I know Siew might appear super super late after her company's function.. You better appear then we can fill you up with gossips.. =p

Princess PAT.. lalala... =D


Anonymous said...

sorry lor i am not a JIMUI
dun simply say .

and nerd dun have to be ugly haha
look at sy haha cute nerd hehe

exclusivelydaniel said...

this gossip thing is getting old...

Patricia said...

@Anonymous: Chu can you please use your name??? haha..
And I agree nerd ain't that ugly.. WE ALL LOOK CUTE LO.. but ofcoz I agree with you coz I like SY's look the best.. hehe..

@exclusivelydaniel: bah.. wait for you to build gossip, then it will be new.. you may take over Ray's job..

Ray said...

wei wth? i dont always gossip okay? i'm just temporarily taking over sy's job becoz shes so busy with her "survey"

Anonymous said...

no i dun like to leave my name.

btw any gossips?