Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pre-birthday celebration for Joan

28/3/09 - Both looking cute instead of ugly.. with the birthday girl, Joan..

We all got her a nice cake and fireworks.. The whole night, we girls entertain ourselves with photo session.. sighs.. We really can take lots of pictures..

It was fun though.. Looking at everyone in big specs.. All look very very cute.. cute version of nerd.. =D

I love SY's look.. CUTE...!!! Like her McD's bag even more.. haha..

Borrow to take a picture.. hehe.. but then I like this picture too.. CUTE too.. haha.. =p lalalala.....

29/3/09 - Accomapny Joan at wenyi's office.. not enough sleep.. sighs.. They are busy uploading pictures onto where else........ FB.. =p

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