Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ten of us at KB

I'm already trying and doing alot.. why the heck you are still not satisfy?? you were the one who say cannot justify so why push me now?? Why don't you think of another way?? why don't you think positively that even if at this time you can't justify who knows by taking the risk, soon everything is ok and you may reach what you want?? things are getting unfair..!! damn stupiddddd...!!

* * * * *

Last night.. The ten of us had a trip down to KB town.. for DINNER..

A restaurant there name Buccaneer.. The environment is fine.. Normal looking restaurant.. nothing to be 'wow' about.. Quite alot of choice to choose from it's Menu.. Price range is reasonable.. Food is good.. A place worth to going back..

4/3/2009 pic - Me at Buccaneer, KB

I had pumpkin soup.. I like..

I also had Grill - Fish.. I like also.. nice.. =)




First try.. hmm.. acceptable..

but I had to squeeze alot of lemons.. hehe..





Daniel's dessert

The TEN of us.. fun and lovable.. =)


sheautze said...

walao the bill 399??
1 person RM80 la?

Patricia said...

@Tze: Hmm.. Total is 399 but we pay by what we order.. Our group the guys order alot.. we girls eat very little.. hehe..