Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Slept at 9 plus last night.. Woke up at 1.50am.. and I thought it's Morning already, so I went back to sleep.. Later on woke up again at 6am..

Super dizzy last night after eating this blueberry cream biscuit.. I think I'm feeling sick soon.. =S

* * * * *

The new Excapade at Kiulap finally opens..!! =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

wei u were supposed to blog moreeeeee.....

wah dizzy to play baddy but still got time to go excapade? hmmm

Patricia said...

@Daniel: No energy to blog more.. hehe.. wait for the Miri post.. I haven't publish yet..
I haven't go there yet la.. I just announce only.. hehe..