Monday, May 11, 2009

Written by Yours Truly

I remember.

I know it was a big risk from the start.

I didn’t mind, because it was you.

I felt this different feeling with you, this feeling which I have long not felt.

I can just smile randomly when it’s about you, but not anymore.

I can’t help it but images for us do appear in my head once awhile.

I thought of you when someone said about how small his GF’s hand is when he holds her because you said the same thing to me.

I know and believe that now it’s a one side feeling.

I wanted to speak my mind sometime, to let you know, but I hold back.

I don’t dare to think of any possibility or impossibility.

I shall leave it to God, for fate or no fate it’s up to you too.

I might wait.

I might not wait.

I don’t have any intention as I write this down.

I write because I want to.

I just want to say, I still miss you.

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Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

wu...who ler??