Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miri on 9th and 10th - Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day today.. and luckily I manage to reach home in time for dinner.. Happy Mother's Day to my Mummy and all the Mother's.. =)

* * * * *

After lunch yesterday, Me, Joan and Daniel set off for Miri.. I make myself cozy at the backseat with my book.. But after like 20 mins of reading, I close the book and gossip with Joan and Daniel instead.. haha..

The bushes are badly burn after Miri custom.. That's the reason why Miri and Brunei is so hot nowadays.. sighs..

We went to check out the new Parkson - Bintang Plaza.. The new wing is big, at the meantime all the shops are still not open.. Not bad though, hope the next time I'm down in Miri all the shops will be open.. hehe..

Dan.. Pat.. Joan

There at Parkson I bump into my dear Nicole..!!! I was shock and surprise that I ends up don't know how to react when I saw her.. Just can't stop smiling.. Miss you babe.. =D

Sticky peanut candy which Joan likes alot

After the Parkson tour we went off to Starbucks to wait for CCH and Shirley for dinner at Meixim.. We three were full from our drinks, but I still manage to eat for dinner.. hehe..

You are WELCOME.. hehe.. =p

CCH's friends birthday is celebrated at RexBox, the biggest room on the second floor.. Me, Shirley and Joan manage to sing.. But there are some songs which I wanted to sing isn't available..

My babes.. Tze missing.. hehe..

I love all the pictures.. Photographer: Jennifer *muaks*


Bump into Meng and Dennis after RexBox.. Still the same looking Dennis.. I wonder when he will stop studying.. hehe..

I chat with CCH, Shirley and Allen until almost 5am.. -_____- Too much to talk about.. =p

* * * * *

Then today struggle to get out of bed.. Breakfast at Mega with Ah How the busy one.. Always so busy.. Then off to Imperial Mall to shop alittle and happily went to find Jita at her shop.. We talk as much as we can as Joan ad Dan were waiting.. Miss her alot also..

We went to Boulevard Mall as our last stop where we help Dan to choose his sunglasses.. Buy ourselves McFlurry and set off for home.. Not a bad weekend after all.. =)

I miss you all already.. =)


Anonymous said...

wow...very happening there..
heheh...glad that you enjoyed your life there...
you have my love here..


exclusivelydaniel said...

pat~ u edited the posts.. hahaahahaha

Patricia said...

@Nicole: I hope you enjoy yours too.. you have my love here too dear sis.. Miss you alot.. ^^,

@Daniel: haha.. like this also you know.. just post one picture mah.. haha.. =)