Monday, May 18, 2009


Seri Kandi Restaurant.. Where I had a super full dinner tonight.. Went there with Winnie, her tummy is very very huge already..!! Baby is coming soon.. Two more months.. hehe..

Winnie filled me up with alot of shocking news.. *sighs* I hope ah Jun be promoted and receive better pay.. and I hope things will turn out fine soon for Uncle T..

Seri kandi have this buffet going on now.. Which hmmm... The food is hmmmm.... NORMAL.. Crab meat fried rice, butter milk prawn, spicy beef rendang, grilled fish, veggie~ The usual ones.. I only like their tom yam soup, I had two bowl.. hehe..

Hmmm... Don't think I will be going back there, maybe for tea session would be good because the environment is nice.. Conclusion, eventhough the food isn't that attractive.. I still ate ALOT..!! Very very very ALOT.. T_T

Nevermind.. Diet for the next few days.. lalala.. =)

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