Monday, May 25, 2009

*** <3 Bob Look down the runway <3 ***

I met up with Clemence, the best friend after work.. And I bring her to Bakeryln cafe, a new place for her.. =)

And there I bump into J.K.. The financial controller of the office.. And he paid for our food, which I totally didn't except him to do that.. Total Shock..!! Hehe.. =p

The pretty Best friend

From the Best Friend

* * * * *

Nicole.. I know you don't remember doing this.. because I don't remember too.. hehe..

And a prove that show I ever participate as a model for a hair show.. It was just that one time.. That one time..~~ hehe..

My long hair chop off until my shoulder, then dye dark brown first layer, light brown second layer and striking green at the bottom of my hair..

*sighs* It seem like just yesterday that we girls practice the perfect catwalk.. with books on our head.. And how I remember that big day as I walk down the runway..

The spotlight focus brightly at me, too bright that I couldn't see the people below the stage clearly.. I was super nervous..!! But as the music plays I start to walk with confident follow smoothly with the beat.. I had alot of fun.. Especially with the girls I miss.. It was indeed a great experience.. I miss it.. =)

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