Friday, May 22, 2009

went to courts too

Yesterday when I went to one of our customer's company for sales visit.. And as she show us their company warehouse.. Something caught my eyes.. I direct ask "can I buy this?? cheap cheap price??" hehe..

The nice lady agree and so I went back office looking happy..

I bought this.. ^^ hahaha...

It's cute and pink..

The one old at home is damage already because of the flood previously.. so I never weight myself anymore ever since..

AND wthhhh... I weight myself with this new machine and want to scream liao.. OMG.. no more ice cream and cheesy food for the next few weeks..!!

Ohhh... I think the bloody machine is damage.. I think I better return it tomorrow to my customer.. =p hehe.. sighs diet diet diet..

Well, other than buying the cheating weight machine, I bought myself a new car..


haha.. no no.. I did not buy it.. no $$$ to buy la.. Chien, I took this for you.. hehe.. =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

pat---- see told u that you fat liao bah.. hahahahahha jk jk...

ehhh chien want white colour one you take red one for her.. i think whenever we see a tt we will take photo for her.. hahahaha

Patricia said...

@Daniel: I'm on diet already ok..
I only saw the red one and I thought of Chien so just took it lo.. =)

Anonymous said...

SOI PAT!!!!!! why u didn't me!!!! aigh~~~~ very nice rite... T.T... wan tot have a look also ne.... T.T

Anonymous said...

opsss!!! i think i see the TT i have already gone... dono wat i am trying to type also... wahaha.... anyway... thanks PAT!!! muakzzzz... hehehe

Patricia said...

@Chien: HAHA.. aiyo u.. see TT terus type all wrongly.. =p I'm working la when I saw this TT so how to bring u le? hehe.. next time when we too free with nothing to do then I bring u go see.. hehe.. =)

Anonymous said...

So many things to read ah, but i am so lazy to read... hahaha :S
Now Chien is another anonymous ay?