Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unfair.. so Unfair..

It's 7.30pm already.. I can't wait to leave the office pressure.. *sighs*

This morning.. I thought it will be a happy day.. Feeling cold and nice in the office..

Then suddenly everything turns gloomy.. Dark and gloomy.. wth.. sien si..

Oh well, luckily not everyday I'm being pressure like today.. Too much and not being appreciate at all.. =S

Sometime people just take things for granted.. UNFAIR.. *URGHHHHHH.......!!!!*

*cool down... breath in.. breath out..*

It's better already since lots of urgent and fuzzy matter has settle.. It's a war again tomorrow.. Anyway, I better leave the office before my temper turns bad..

Need to remind myself to be happy.. =) *off to de-stress*

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