Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek - Chris Pine..!! =D

I went to Deseo, Denise's shop after work with Angel just now.. Before we went there, we promise that we are going to see and not going to buy anything.. We are going to remind each other not to buy..

Who knows.. We ends up steping out from the shop with shopping bag instead of empty hands.. *sighs* hehe..

Anyway, I think it's been a month I have not see Denise.. Still looking good and great there.. The last time I went Deseo was in January, shopping for CNY clothes.. Denise has extended her shop.. Lots of clothes and accessories available..
They are having this 3 days Happy Mother's Day Sales.. Discount up to 50%..!! See... how can I not buy?? *hit my itchy hands* hehe.. I bought 6 items together.. =D lalala.. I have new t-shirts..!!! =) *happy*

* * * * *

I went to watch Star Trek last night with Chien..

Ray: Eh, I have free movie tickets for tonight.. want to go?
Me: Wuu... Free.. ok ON..

Ray: Free but you have to work for it lo.. haha..
Me: -_______-!!!

So me and chien work *hard* for our free tickets.. All we do is count the number of people watching in the same cinema with us.. hehe.. =p

We were assign to watch Star Trek.. At first me and chien thought, "Star Trek? sighs must be boring.. I think we are going to fall asleep in there.. Nevermind since it's free..!! hohohoho.."

And we were wrong.. so wrong.. It wasn't boring at all.. Infact, it was super good..!! haha.. Both of us enjoy so much that we just keep on going Wuuu.... Waaaa... *look at each other with big smiles*.. hehe..

The movie is mix of sentimental, funny and abit of action.. Highly recommend to watch..=) Me and Chien is addicted to doing the hand sign by Spock - the Live Long and Prosper sign.. hehe.. We are so cute.. haha.. ^_^

Well well well well.. other than the movie is good.. Chris Pine is good too....!!!! His blue eyes are so attractive..!! He is so good looking..!! hehe.. ahhh.. pretty blue eyes.. =D

* * * * *

I'm staying home tonight with the YouTube running.. Hunting for good songs to sing..!! haha.. Tomorrow night CCH's friends will be celebrating their birthdays at KTV so it's time to sing sing..!! =D

I found this new song.. "wo zhe dao - By2" Hmmm.. Which is very meaningful, and I'm trying to memories the lyrics hopefully I can sing it tomorrow night.. The lyrics makes me wonder.. hmmmm... Hard to describe this feeling I'm having now.. hmmm..

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