Thursday, May 07, 2009


Huuuuuuu..... Another sleepy day.. I look myself in the mirror.. My eyes are super small now.. Really looking like this -_______- hehe.. I guess I didn't sleep well.. =p

Another terrible thing is that I woke up with a bad hair day.. sighs.. so sad..

Nevermind~~~~ I believe I still look good and cute.. haha.. ehem ehem.. ^_^

sighssssssssss.. How I wish I'm still in bed right now.. =S *off to work*


Anonymous said...

Bad hair day = excuse to tie all your hair up and get it out of your face..sometimes hair on the face so annoying, in the way bah... LOL.. just a suggestion :P

Daniel said...

wei.. 851 is early ah?? i was already half way of my flight liao.. lol

Patricia said...

@Anonymous: haha.. well, that's what I did at the end.. Tie up my hair is the best choice.. =) Anyway, thanks..

@Daniel: Early for me bahzz.. haha.. =p