Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy 24/5/09


Lunch went to this new restaurant in town call "Singapore table" to try out a few dishes.. 12 dishes actually.. >.<
I like the Shark fin soup..

I like the Mango fish..

I like their fish, veggie, beancurd and seafood dishes.. I love all the fish and seafood dishes the most.. Highly recommend to try.. =)

* * * * *

Dinner went to Senja with SY, Chu, Kah wang, Pei yong and Chien.. Me first time at Senja and I find the food and environment NICE.. =)

After dinner went to pick Snooker Queen aka Wenyi, then Chien hands get itchy for Snooker so they play one round.. and I wait.. hehe..

Then after CHIEN won.. hehe.. We quickly went to surprise Kath (advance b-day surprise) who is so were busy playing MJ.. Mission success as she is in totally shock-surprise-happy-in tears state.. haha.. =D

* * * * *


Sunday and I stay home the whole day again.. Busy with Sleep, TV and packing.. My room is now 70% packed.. Finally I can announce that ME and family is going to MOVE.. Confirm moving this time.. Suppose to move last month, but due to this stupid KNS rimba owner, we cancel..

Our house now is half empty already.. Everything will be done by this week.. Finally~~ *HAPPY*

Oh RAY.. Please be inform that I will be stalking you soon.. HAHA..

Well, I will be moving nearby to where Ray is staying.. I told him about this news last night, so that he will be prepare and won't suddenly call me to ask what am I doing around his neighbourhood.. =p

Anyway, while packing I found my graduation photos..

BBQ celebration at night after graduation

And my b-day gift from Tze..

And a letter from Jenn.. big and famous signature..!! Priceless.. =p

* * * * *

Sighs.. I slept so much.. and now I feel like sleeping again.. wth.. feeling really lazy.. O_o Tze inform me today that CCH cancel his b-day celebration on 6/6.. Too bad, won't be seeing them soon.. Tze also show me the pic of CCH and Shirley wedding pic at HK Disneyland being advert on newspaper.. nice..!! and I can't wait for the actual album..!! =D

Tze, the cow is broken liao.. =(

By the way, new American Idol winner KRIS ALLEN sang the song 'Apologize'.. VERY GOOD.. *ok off to sleep again*


Anonymous said... signature last time.. aduii.. masih budak budak! hahaha.. (feeling old liao suddenly)

guess i won't be seeing u soon lorr.. sigh.. nvm nvm, i m sure there is next time! till then, take care and i love u!! muakkss!!

Patricia said...

@Jenn: haha.. 2 years ago babe.. and our b-day will be here soon.. yieks...!! hehe.. =p Love ya..!! *muakzzzzz*

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

tiew going to thai right?
mn.... the cow..haha! shirley bought frm HK lagi... mn... i think i can stil find a new one in limbang..
xixi... my PIG keychain sold to ppl liao with my sis's white gen 2.. apa la! when u move house??? iw an go see see!! near soon lee?

- j o a n - said...

patty patty~~~ we are gonna be near each other... hohohohozzz~~~~ No more gadong... lolzzz

I SAW ME~~~ In the BBQ pic!!! LOLZZZ... aww~~ miss those teenage life.. U need more BOXES to move hse?? If so, contact me ya!!! :D

Rueburn Liang said...

joan, you stay in berakas?? everyone coming to berakas =D

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

joan not in muara meh?? eh? berakas not far away frm gadong bah right? hehe...stil senang i get to momo house... mn..JOAN!! Teenager ? hahaha.... butnow u look more cute cz short hair maybe~haha~ when we go tmn awam play water again? WET WET!