Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stuffs I found =)

A new day has arrive.. It's another working day.. It's another day for us to face.. Where I wish everyday would be a happy day.. hehe..

Last night as I reach home from work, stepping into my room.. Boxes all around.. Yea, I have started to pack.. Slowly packing things up.. I change off my working attire and start clearing one of the drawers.. As I clear away this particular drawer, I found special and meaningful things to me.. =)

The "Thank You" note by my HR group after our presentation.. handmade ok eventhough look cheap.. haha.. CCH in my group woh... haha.. I laugh when I saw back the note-card.. We did the presentation WELL..!! =D

My tiny notebook which I wrote all important exams notes and timetable during college.. see, all blur out because of the flood.. =S
It's a book which I can't live without back then.. hehe..

As I flip the book, I found this note inside.. A note which I randomly put in.. A note which I wrote down how blur and crazy I was to reject all 3 guys who were courting me back then.. Oh well, it was a tough decision..
Nicole Chong, remember back then? haha.. Thanks babe for being there for me.. =)

My secondary collection of Sailormoon sticker albums.. wuu.... I was crazy about Sailormoon back then.. haha.. I have another two big sticker album.. All have to throw away, as damage from the flood.. tsk tsk tsk.. but I'm keeping the name card.. hehe.. =)

My UBS account books, I took the course after college.. and I forgot all about it already.. haha.. wasted.. =S

A sweet letter all the from Australia back in 2003 from Francis.. I was surprise to see the date he wrote.. 3/3/03.. I hope he is doing well.. =)

Thank you CD souvenir for participating dance performance during the Sea Games in Brunei back then when I was in Form 2.. A memorable time.. =)

Letter of offer from Curtin.. Well, Thank God I reject Curtin at the end.. If not how will I meet close and great friends of IBS 7.. right Jenn? right CCH? haha.. =D

Christmas gift from Wen Hui.. He wrote *the* message at the bottom of the box.. It's a pen crave with my name on it.. sweet.. =)

Memories.. I wonder what I will come across when I continue to pack and clear more of my stuff.. hehe.. Will post more If there is.. =D

* * * * *

Share a great song with you all.. Popular back then in Secondary.. hehe..

Have you heard of the saying
For those who were playing
You don't know what you got till its gone

Well that was my calling
I knew what I was falling into
something that would be so wrong

But I got hold of myself
And changed for the better
I can't get you out of my mind
Cause something inside
made me realize you were fine

Each time we're alone
I guess I didn't know
How far we were apart
Should have spoken from heart
I guess I didn't know
That each time you go away,I cry
I can't take all these goodbyes

I know from this feeling
Deep inside there's a healing
I know that i'm in control

Everyday I am yearning
This love I feel burning
Burning right through my soul

So let's make a start
Of something that cannot be broken
The mold its so strong

Treat this love as a child
That grows into something worth while

Faithfully, I will be
You will see, please believe me
I can't take all these goodbyes

All the time we were alone
Guess I should have really known
Baby you have always been mine
All the time we were alone
Guess I should have really known
Baby you have always been mine

-Each time by East 17-


Anonymous said...

haha.. wat do u want me to comment? bout your Sailormoon stickers princess?? hahaha..

yea la, luckily u choose to head to IBS, if not we won't even be able to talk like this today lorr..

it's really nice havin a fren like u in my life.. I am blessed!! ;o)

Patricia said...

@Jenn: Babe.. Thanks for the prompt comment lo.. haha..!!
Yalor, we talk about everything.. *almost* =p you know the real me le.. *ehem ehem* haha..

And It's nice having a friend like you in my life too.. *muaks!!*
See you soon sexy babe..

sheautze said... blessed to have cute fren like u also moom...and of cz sexy fren like ah tiew...SONG ar...fren with u ppl
hahaha~ ** sudenly feel to play banan boat with u gals**

Patricia said...

@Sheau Tze: Tze ah Tze.. Finally see your comment also.. haha.. I know I'm so cute Tze.. thanks thanks.. lalalala... HAHA..!! =p
Yes yes.. I miss our trip so much.. Miss the banana boat time there.. Miss you Tze.. =D

Anonymous said...

kena kick on the head by Tze.. kena kick on the tummy by Patt.. I confirm I din enjoy the banana ride at all lorr!!!

exclusivelydaniel said...

wah pat!! i didnt know u so choloh until will kick ppl leh... kick tummy somemore....

oooo 3 guys u reject..tsk tsk.. hahahahahha

see u soon pat~~

Patricia said...

@Jenn: HAHAHA... I totally forgot about that incident babe..!! HAHA..
Don't like that bah.. Promise won't happen again de.. haha.. =p

@Daniel: aiyooo... It was a bad timing bah.. hahaha.. fall into the water alreay must direct kick and swim mah.. haha.. Sorry Jenn.. =p
Have a safe trip back.. See ya..!! =)