Thursday, May 14, 2009

You're my destiny

Watch DVDs at home..

"The other end of the line" is a comedy and romance film.. Quite nice..

A lady from India fall in love with a guy who she hears on the phone only.. and the guy is at the states.. Then when they met, the guy fall for her too.. Sweet..

Cant Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley

* * * * *

"Slumdog Millionaire" great movie..!! highly recommend to watch.. =D

A movie about life.. Life of unfortunate kids growing up with nothing at all.. But works hard for life.. Jamal join the 'who wants to be a millionaire shows' and won...!! All the questions happen to be connects with his life story..

Story about Jamal and his brother lives and what problem they face while growing up.. The movie shows the life in Mumbai.. In the city and out of city.. Seeing the trouble life in mumbai, make me feel sad.. very pity lo.. Really a great movie..

I like the smile of the actor who act as Jamal.. Cute and good looking.. =)

I like the song "jia-ho" alot.. I first heard of this song on radio in the month of February.. still loving it.. =)

* * * * *

At the office today.. I call to look for a customer..

ME: Hello, may I speak to Stephen?

Guy: Hello, which Stephen are you looking for? Stephen A or Stephen B?

ME: huh??

Guy: oh.. because there are two Stephen here.. Stephen A is beacuse he is from Australia.. Stephen B is because he is from Brunei..

ME: *laugh* speechless -________-!!!

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