Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feeling happy with <3


But super cold liao once step into the office.. hehe.. ^^

And I'm in a good mood because the bosses are not around..!! HAHAHA.... *ehem ehem control control*

Bosses not around = less pressure =D

I just got back from lunchie.. Had Chicken Rice.. Still an all time favourite meal.. =D

Ate with Chien, Wen Yi and Cindy.. Then joined by Lun and Wee..

Then saw Chu chu, Denise and Terry.. oh and Kah wang too.. **Chu.. me and chien very happy to see you la.. =D eventhough you like to 'suan' us.. felt like ages we have not see you.. =S**

Chat abit with Denise and joke abit with Terry.. Haha....!! Haven't see Terry for quite awhile too and hmmmmm... look fat already lorrr or maybe it's his muscle.. haha.. =p

I walk with Chien back to her office and because we find ourselves too fair that we chat under the hot sun to get tan.. sighs.. what to do.. We want to look tan (not dark) so Ray won't feel left out.. HAHA.. =p **Ray.. Cheer up..!! Eve will be back soon.. =) We miss her too..**

**SY....!! Are you feeling ok already?? I hope you are well already.. I miss gossip session.. I think Ray miss it too.. haha..**

**Siew.. I have no idea what this busy women is up too.. All I know is she is crazy and craving for holiday and shopping now.. haha..**

**Zhe Mei.... Left for Taipei already.. Quick quick finish your course and faster come back.. hehe.. Take care of yourself babe..!! KEL.. good luck with the saving..!! Must save ya.. hehe..**

**Jo Lin and Matt.. Miss hearing Jo Lin's evil laugh.. hehe..**

**Dan and Joan.. no need to ask.. haha.. Honeymoon couple say "do not disturb".. haha.. joke joke.. *don't hit me* =p Miss you Joan babe..**

**Rueburn.. no need to ask also.. because he keep reminding us all that he is coming back for holiday soon.. *hint hint to Rue* be generous la and buy US ALL gifts ok..!!!! hahaha..**

**P.Sing.. going for holiday soon?? Don't forget gifts too ok.. haha.. =p**

I hope this week quickly pass.. Then another week to go it will be the Month of June.. Then I can see CCH, Shirley and Jenn again.. Tze will go KK see Jolin..

Clemence and Nicole will be in Brunei soon too.. I can't wait to see you both..!! =D

OKOK.. Need to get back to work.. I'm have been slacking for hmm.. 30mins? haha..
And I don't know why I'm blogging this way.. haha.. =p

I don't know who else reads my blog.. hmmm... Marcus, Chris, Nani, Fadhlina, Wei Ru, Roger , Rita, Thomas Ding (still got read or not?? haha..), my cousins and others.. hehe.. Enjoy the rest of the day people.. *hugs hugs* =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

wei.. u too free ahhh.. ahahhah shout outs to sooo manyyy ppl.. heheheh

see u soon yeah..wanted to join u guys for lunch just now but u all already finish.. my boss also not in leh.. let's slack together.. =p=p

Rueburn Liang said...

haha! i where got remind everyone, i only told a few ppl nia, no need to buy gift,me going back is already a huge gift already LOL!

I hope everyone havent change their phone number or something, need to start re-organise huge limteh session with everyone. hahaha!!

Patricia said...

@Daniel: yes yes.. I'm enjoying my free-ness as much as I can tomolo won't be so free oledi.. -___-!!! hehe.. You so lucky, can slack for a week from today.. hate ur job lo.. haha.. =p

@Rueburn: walauuu.... your face really get thicker day by day.. teruk..!! haha..
YESSS... Everyone's number ofcoz still the same except for you lorrr.. your number in all of our hp is RAY now.. haha..

To Everyone: the lim teh organiser will be back soon.. HAHA..

- j o a n - said...

lol...honeymoon couple~~~ hmmm.... i like it!! BLEH~~!! :P

sorry tat me n dan pang pe ki yesterday, cz we came out late.... next time saja lar k... *muakss*

Patricia said...

@Joan: I know you like de.. haha.. =p
Nvm babe.. next time lo.. *muaks*