Sunday, May 03, 2009


Yesterday did alot of stuff..

After work had lunch with all my colleagues at Millennium for the buffet..

Then off to Sopan, Eve's shop to look at Furniture..

Then off to the tyre shop where my baby car get a new set of tyres with the help of Dan.. ****Thanks Dan**** <-------- add on, haha..

Then BBQ function at Sabrina's place.. Thanks Joan..

Then hang out at SY's place.. Thanks SY for the drinks.. =p

* * * * *

Orange Carrot Juice

The food at Millennium isn't that nice.. Actually should say nothing nice and special.. Fried rice, curry, fish fillet, fried chicken, beef rendang, mix vegetables and other cakes.. haha.. Oh well, that's what we get for B$9.90 per person.. =p

* * * * *

Happy that my baby car's tyres has finally change..!! Two years plus already so need to change for safety purpose.. Good tyres are really important.. Really need $$$$ to maintain a car well.. My baby car runs quite smooth now.. =p

I don't know what's this machine is for until today.. haha.. to separate the tyre and the rim.. hehe.. =)

* * * * *

The funky and cool Sabrina

I love the deco at Sabrina's house and her family is friendly.. Both of her sons are super cute.. Went there for BBQ and to celebrate Sabrina's birthday.. Her birthday cake look very pretty.. =)

Fresh flowers.. pretty and nice.. =D

I love their carpet so much..!! pretty..!! =D

So unique.. this is actually a huge key.. Very nice..!! =D

* * * * *

Had a casual drinking at SY's place.. A night where all of us are there.. Well, except for Jolin, Matt and Sing.. and ofcourse also the far away Rueburn who is not in Brunei.. hehe..!! I miss seeing all of us together..

* * * * *

Feeling isn't right.. but then I don't know what's right too.. Is it the feeling of being unappreciate? *sighs* =S


exclusivelydaniel said...


why u delete my commentttsssss... hahahhaa.. what exactly did i say liao i also forgot..

i know i said why dun feel appreciated? who dun appreciate? hahhaaha

and and.. i bring u change tyre no say thank u la.. hmphhhh

Patricia said...

@Daniel: cannot publish my post with your comment la.. haha.. AND Thanks Dan....!!! haha.. I add on above already.. hehe..