Saturday, May 16, 2009

16/5/2009 - Saturday comes

It's Saturday already.. The month of May really flies fast.. Fast and good..

After work, I went to the new open Excapade Sushi at Kiulap branch with Angel..

The food ofcourse it's the same.. Different is on the design of the shop.. I don't really like this branch as it gets very very noisy when some tables talk loudly.. I still like the Gadong branch the best..

too open space..

Then Angel and I take away some sushi and went to Snooker Cue-X & pool cafe.. Meet up with yuong wee there.. Chit chat abit and comment the shop abit.. hehe.. Then off to pick up my bother at the airport..

I went back to Kiulap to look for Chien after I drop by brother off at home.. Chien felt unhappy today and Daniel ask me to have lunch with her..

Sorry chien, no time to edit.. haha.. nvm.. blur blur effect is good.. =p

But my lunch time today doesn't match hers so I went to find her for a short tea break instead.. We ate Ice cream.. Chien.. I hope that cheers you up.. =)

I just finish watching "Bride Wars".. Kinda more like a comedy film about friendship..

Ahhh... Love the pretty wedding gown.. Both by Vera Wang.. so pretty...!! =)

Alright I shall end here.. Got to go get ready and meet Chien and SY for dinner at Pines.. Kimchi here I come~~ =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

pat!!! now i can say u go excapade no call loooooo.... hehehehe

Patricia said...

@Daniel: ahhh Dan.. I wonder who tell me he is going to have lunch with his bao bei.. =p

exclusivelydaniel said...

hahahaah got meh?? hehehehe *angelic look*