Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy with fattening nice cakes =D

Handle troublesome case today at work.. In the morning, argue with this idiot competitor.. Then whole day, following up with this transport of machine from Miri.. sighssss... Some customer just won't stop calling.. Taking care of such case waste so much of my time.. Tons of paperwork on hand again.. -_____- =S

Sighs another stressful day but something happy happen which make me can't stop smiling..

Two handsome *ehem* gentlemen *ehem* deliver cake to my office for me.. =D


THANK YOU DANIEL AND RAYBURN.......................!!!!! *big hugs to both of you* =D

Daniel and Ray both went for afternoon tea and I joke telling them to buy me cake to eat because I'm too stress.. I was surprise they really buy for me.. =D

When Daniel ask me to meet at my car outside my office, I thought only him alone.. But I saw Ray first and my eyes went wide open and I thought "hmmm... something fishy...."

Daniel and Ray just stand side by side posing with smiles on their face.. Then Daniel open his car door and took out two packets..!! haha... I directly feel speechless and embarrass at the same time.. haha.. and I don't know how to react.. All I can do was smile and laugh non-stop.. =D

What shock me was not one cake but two.. and both said.. "Two cakes, from each of us bah".. haha.. I really really feel happy with a big smile on my face and also feel touch by what they did.. =D

Together came all the way to my office before getting back to work to deliver cake to me because knowing I'm stress and making the effort to cheer me up..

Well, you two did cheer me up..!! hehe.. I'm really 'gan tong'.. Appreciate so much for what they did.. And guess what, I finish both cakes by myself.. haha.. Two fattening cakes down my tummy.. How can I not finish everything?? Handsome guys buy one to cheer me up le.. Fat also must finish.. haha.. and the cake was really good.. Especially the cheesecake.. =D

Seeing both of them making the effort to cheer me up, make me feel bless.. The last time I felt this outside my office was when Rueburn deliver my pink water bottle.. But this time different feeling ofcourse.. This happy bless feeling is known as good friends being there to make you smile..

Once again, Thanks Ray..!! Thanks Daniel..!! =D

* * * * *

By the way, my miri post has been publish.. I realise alot of people don't scroll down.. haha.. =)


exclusivelydaniel said...

you are most welcome~~~ hahahahaha

ooo got emo blog also... haahha

- j o a n - said...

nah nah nah~~~~~~ sweeeeet tuh!!!! TAPI.. where is my portion??? U did not save some for me??? T.T

Pat, i din know u were so stress out gal.. Cheer up k!! Tonite watch scary movie and screammmm as much as u can okay~~~~ RELEASE STRESS!!! no need go beach!! Too old style!! HAHAHA :P

Ray said...

i think i'll scream louder than pat =(

Patricia said...

@Daniel: mana ada emo blog le.. haha..

@Joan: I ate your share liao.. hehe.. The cakes only will appear once in a long long time.. hehe.. =p but they are really sweet.. =)

And I'm cheering up de.. =) Thanks babe.. I'm starting to worry liao.. Kinda sense we are going to be the loudest in the cinema.. haha..

@Ray: 100% confirm you will scream louder than me.. =D

Rueburn Liang said...

pink bottle -_-" i had no idea it was pink

exclusivelydaniel said...

got emo blog jua..hahha eh seh.. its called creative writing...

anyways dun give joan cake.. fattening.. :P ltr she complain...

cant wait to see who scream louder.. ray or eve.. lol...

rue.. fcukin colour blindless eh?

Rueburn Liang said...

hahaha no shyt panda bear, know already still ask =P