Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waffle I lub lub.. =D

Talk about diet for the next few days, I ends up going to bed after a heavy so-called-dinner again.. T_T

Waffle with two scope of Vanilla Ice Cream.. *NICE...!!*

I was craving for waffle.. eh.. I think whenever I'm stress I look for sweet food.. hmm.. need to control this habit of mine.. *I will try* hehe.. So I had waffle at Fun Bread Cafe.. I thought it will be the usual tiny piece.. I was wrong.. The waffle came out in a big size.. Big size waffle that I didn't manage to finish it.. **Sorry Waffle, next time I finish you up okok??** haha.. =D

So after eating I'm happy.. Chit chat more, happy more.. then home to sleep feeling happy too.. hehe.. Chien, thanks for accompaning me.. =)

Anyway.. Fun Bread has got a new look.. Nicer now.. Show you guys the pictures.. hehe..

I love their waffleeeeee..... =D

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